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There are many debt settlement options that provide debt relief, like debt consolidation, credit counseling and debt reduction. Debt Settlement Nationwide provides bankruptcy alternatives that pursue debt freedom. Our debt relief team can help you eliminate your revolving debts for less than the amount actually owe to the creditors. Rather than paying the creditors’ you will open a saving accounts that will help build your debt settlement. You will stop having to pay the compounding interest on your debt and soon you will be able to pay the creditors and become debt free.

Save 35-50% of Your Outstanding Unsecured Debt

We have partnered with a network of experienced legal professionals who maintain a good track record with successful debt settlements that cut most our clients debt in half.

Debt Settlement provides debt relief solutions for negotiating a legal settlement with the creditors for credit card debt and unsecured loans.

Debt Settlement
Consumers have begun to change the way they think about debt settlement. What used to be a long shot, has become a popular method for debt reduction and credit card debt elimination. It is common for people to endure financial hardships and debt settlement gives them a solution that saves them money and enables them to avoid filing a bankruptcy.

Another benefit for homeowners or 1st time homebuyers is that debt settlement reduces your debt to income ratio (D.T.I) faster than Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC). This is an important benefit that will help your credentials with underwriting and will increase your chances of qualifying for a loan or mortgage.

Consumer Credit Counseling
Credit counseling stretches the repayment out over many years. Consumer Credit Counseling has a similar repayment plan as Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

It is no secret that most credit counseling companies are generally funded by the credit card companies themselves. They do not necessarily have your interest at heart.
Debt Consolidation
Qualifying is essential for debt consolidation. In most cases, people who are considering bill consolidation are several months late on their credit card bills. Credit scores need to be high and debt to income ratios must be in line with minimum underwriting requirements.

The other disadvantage of secure debt consolidation is that missing payments could actually cause you to lose your home in a foreclosure

A transaction fee is usually required upon closing or is built into the interest rates.

Payback can be 10-20 years depending on debt balance and ability to pay back loan.

You will pay back the full amount of credit card balances plus interest.

Bottom line: You are exchanging your unsecured debts for a secured debt - a big risk.

Both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy offer protection from creditors but the impact for you credit can be severe. Most bankruptcies are reported for ten years with Trans Union, Experian and Equifax. The other consideration is that Chapter 7 is not that easy to qualify for with the recent revisions to the bankruptcy laws. You must pass the means test and the judge must assign someone to manage your bankruptcy estate until it is discharged. If you are considering a BK, find a bankruptcy attorney with a proven track record for chapter 7 bankruptcies.

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