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Our Debt management is a structured plan to help you improve payment patterns on your outstanding debts. This is a method by which a credit counseling agency or a law firm provides debt assistance to manage your debts by reducing the annual percentage rates. If you select a debt management plan you need to understand that there are benefits and risks depending upon your needs, goals and situation financially.

Consolidating credit card or settling debt can save you thousands of dollars. Our debt programs may get you out of debt within a 1-2 year period while settling 35-50%* of your outstanding debt.

Debt Settlement Nationwide is regarded as one of the most pragmatic debt settlement companies online because year in and year out their clients are saving more money faster than their competition.

Debt Settlement Nationwide has partnered with a network of experienced debt relief professionals who maintain a good track record with successful negotiations and debt management plans. Our debt solutions reduce most our clients’ debt by 50%.

The only downsides to debt settlement is that the balance forgiven by the creditor may be considered taxable income by the IRS, and the original creditor will typically report the debt on your credit report as "Settled" or "Paid in Full for Less than Full Balance". When you consider that you already have negative information on your credit report, this is really inconsequential. It stops the damages in its tracks, so no more negative information ends up on your credit reports. Then, it’s just a matter of time—like the old saying “time heals all wounds”. This is true of your credit, as time passes, the damage lessens. But, you first have to stop the negative reporting by settling your debt and getting it out of your way.

The sooner you get your debt eliminated, the sooner you can start on the road to financial recovery. And, even with the tax implication, what you pay is still significantly less than what you owed, and your credit is now on the road to recovery instead of still be held up.

*Obviously, individual results may vary based on the creditor cooperation.

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