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There are two kinds of debt loan options, secured and unsecured debt loans. A secured debt loan is typically second mortgage or equity loan that enables the borrower to get cash back to consolidate debt. These debt consolidation loans require a home that is used as collateral. In most cases you need good credit scores and a significant amount of equity to qualify for a secured debt loan. Homeowners like consolidating debt with debt loans because they reduce the monthly payments with a tax deductible fixed interest rate.

Unsecured debt loans can be revolving credit card or an installment loan that offers a fixed rate. The interest rate is often adjustable and the tax deductibility is more difficult to achieve. In today’s challenged credit market, borrowers will need high credit scores to qualify. This type of debt loan is not as available to consumers as it was in previous years. The default rate on debt loans has been significantly higher over the last few years mostly because of the high unemployment rate and falling property values across the country. The credit challenges of debt loan programs have caused many consumers to consider bankruptcy and debt settlement. Debt consolidation loans provide genuine cost cutting opportunities with fixed interest rates and terms. Let Debt Settlement Nationwide help you get your finances back on track.

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