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Debt settlement is a proven alternative to bankruptcy or consumer credit counseling and bankruptcy. Debt Settlement Nationwide has partnered with a network of experienced legal professionals who have success with debt settlements and discharged bankruptcies.

Federal Bankruptcy Code stipulates that there are many BK chapters. Chapter 7, Chapter 9, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. Chapter 13 & Chapter 7 are the most common BK filings by debtors.

Avoid bankruptcy at all costs. If you do not qualify for debt settlement, debt consolidation then bankruptcy might be the best option. Bankruptcies off consumers a fresh start from debt relief.

In most cases, consumers who complete one of our debt settlement programs are able to rebuild the credit faster than they would with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or consumer credit counseling program. Negotiating debt relief doesn’t happen overnight, but our team can put a halt to the creditor harassment by enforcing your legal rights.

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